Over the past two decades, of working in the field of 3D architectural renderings, we’ve seen and experienced an array of challenges. From companies providing incorrect CAD drawings to changes in materials during the 3D rendering process, there’s one common issue that seems to crop up again and again.

Most of the time, companies put in charge of managing this process someone who, unfortunately, lacks the necessary skills.

Decoding The Complexities of 3D Renderings

At first glance, the process of creating 3D renderings appears straightforward. It seems as easy as taking your CAD drawings, sending them to your 3D artist or company, and voila — your 3D renderings are complete. But as we’ve discovered time and time again, the reality is far more complex.

The complications behind this process often remain hidden to real estate companies, leading to improper delegation of responsibilities. And most of the time, the person chosen for the job is ill-equipped to manage the intricacies of the process.

The Common Missteps

You might be a person in charge of 3D renderings, feeling overwhelmed and clueless about what’s happening. As a rendering company, we understand this struggle — it’s our job, after all. But the companies on the other side, the ones needing the renderings, often lack the necessary understanding. They usually don’t know how it works, simply because 3D renderings are just one of many assets they need, along with advertising, websites, architectural drawings, interior design, and more.

In most cases, the management of a company decides to put someone in charge of this job, someone who doesn’t have the necessary knowledge or skills. This lack of knowledge puts the company in an unfavorable position because the 3D rendering company is then left to drive the process. And if anything goes wrong, it becomes the customer’s fault, as they are effectively leading the process.

The Solution: Empowering Real Estate Professionals

The good news is that there’s a solution to this common problem. We’ve put together a course designed to help professionals within real estate companies learn how to take the driver’s seat in this process, to gain control and streamline the process of developing 3D renderings.

This course doesn’t teach you how to create 3D renderings — that’s not your job. Instead, it teaches you how to maintain control over the company tasked with creating your 3D renderings. You’ll learn the essential skills needed to find the right company, provide the correct files to that company, review drafts effectively, and critically evaluate the final product.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to select the right company to deliver high-quality 3D architectural renderings within your chosen timeline. You’ll finally have full control over the process, eliminating many of the problems encountered when developing 3D renderings for your company.

If you’d like to see the program and lectures offered in this course, visit renderator.com/academy, where you’ll find our “Real Estate 3D Rendering Streamlining Course”. You can access the first three lectures for free to see if it’s something you’re interested in. If you’ve been struggling with managing the 3D rendering process, this course could be the solution you need. See you there!

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