Navigating the Shifting Landscape of U.S. Commercial Real Estate: A Comparison of Forecasts and Current Trends

In this comprehensive article, we delve deep into the unprecedented challenges the U.S. Commercial Real Estate (CRE) market faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We compare initial forecasts, what actually transpired, and what future trends we can anticipate. Join us as we explore the evolving landscape of the CRE market, highlighting both the struggles and resilience of this crucial sector.

CRE Q1 2023: Insights from CBRE’s Lending Momentum Index

The first quarter of 2023 witnessed a slowdown in commercial real estate lending activity, largely impacted by stress in the banking system and financial market volatility. According to CBRE’s Lending Momentum Index, commercial loan closings declined significantly compared to the previous quarter and the same period the previous year. In this blog post, we will […]

Introducing SuitesFlow: Transforming the Way You Explore New Buildings

With SuiteFlow, you can bid farewell to the frustrations of navigating through countless web pages in search of building details. This innovative application simplifies the exploration process by providing a comprehensive overview of properties, amenities, and floor plans within a single, user-friendly platform.