Transforming floorplans into dreams

Seamlessly sync floorplans with renderings or photos for an immersive user experience.

Transforming Real Estate Developers into dream makers

  • For real estate developers and landlords
  • dissatisfied with traditional property visualization methods
  • due to limited interactivity and engagement,
  • RenderaTours™ seamlessly integrates floorplans, renderings, and photos
  • that provide an immersive experience for users to visualize finishes, layouts, and overall ambiance.


Right now your floorplans are just images. With Renderclick™ they will become interactive!


Click, zoom in, zoom out, inquire, we call all these actions: engagement!


Just a double click to convert any user into a lead for your sales.


RenderClick™ optimize your assets for any type of device, reducing the bounce rate

Renderclick™ benefits

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate floorplans and renderings for a unified property visualization experience

Engaging User Experience

Engage users with interactive and immersive presentations that bring your properties to life

Enhanced Exploration

Enhance user understanding and exploration of property layouts with synchronized floorplans and renderings

Simplified Decision-Making

Simplify the decision-making process by providing clear and intuitive visual representations of property features

Valuable Insights

Measure user behavior and preferences to gain valuable insights and optimize marketing strategies

Streamlined Presentations

Streamline property presentations and eliminate the need for disjointed and disconnected visual materials

Captivating Showcases

Stand out from the competition with visually captivating and impactful property showcases using RenderClick’s innovative solution

Still have questions?

Get answers from an experienced RenderClick™ advisor

Captivate Your Audience

Elevate user experience with interactive floor plans, immersive renderings, and engaging visuals that keep your audience hooked.

Seamless Property Showcasing

Showcase your properties with stunning visuals and user-friendly tools that drive conversions, making it easy for potential buyers to take the next step.

Unlock Powerful Analytics

Unlock valuable data and analytics on user behavior, preferences, and interactions to make informed decisions and optimize your marketing efforts.

Reach Anywhere, Anytime

Ensure a seamless user experience on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices with responsive design and optimization, maximizing engagement across all platforms.

Truly the best experience I have had creating a rendering tour has been with the Renderator team! They were both thorough and incredibly fast – 2 things you don’t often get together in this kind of project.

– Brooke Lopeman | Director Of University Relations

Asked Questions

After receiving your files (Floorplans, renderings, or photos) you will get the link to your application in your inbox within 24 hours.

We will provide you with a short line of code to copy/paste to embed the application seamlessly into your website.

Click the login button on your application to access to actionable data

Leads generated with Renderclicks™ will be sent to your sales team inbox or to your CRM

You can access anytime your dashboard to change the pictures, and floorplans, and manage other important settings.

You can send people to your Renderclick™ after they click on your ads. They will be converted directly from the application and you will get the leads in your inbox or in your CRM.