Shaping future development
with transparency

Streamlined community input using
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RenderaTours Time Machine

  • Allows for planning departments to expand the opportunity to get neighborhood feedback.  Feedback can happen at any time online.


  • Allows for developers to provide better visual understanding of a projects impacts.
  • Our tool allows for public to ask questions on the spot that they have concerns.
  • Our AI tools allow for consolidation of questions and provide a hot spot map of the issues.
  • Project stakeholders can see that their concerns were addressed and responded to in a timely manner



RenderaTours Time Machine™ Delivers Unprecedented Realism in Urban Exploration


Navigate the future of your city with RenderaTours Time Machine™, where each journey into proposed developments is as real as walking the streets yourself.

This advanced tool allows city planners and stakeholders to virtually explore and interact with future urban landscapes, experiencing the transformation of environments with a level of detail and realism unmatched in traditional planning tools.

Feel the pulse of tomorrow’s cityscape as you move through it, making informed decisions based on a vivid, immersive virtual experience.


Unlock the power of community engagement with RenderaTours Time Machine™.

Our platform transforms urban planning by providing residents with a crystal-clear vision of proposed changes, making it easier than ever to understand and interact with future developments.

This accessibility increases the likelihood of community participation in the feedback process, ensuring that the insights gathered are both abundant and highly relevant.

By offering an intuitive, user-friendly interface, RenderaTours Time Machine™ encourages a robust dialogue between residents, city planners, and developers, leading to more informed decisions that truly reflect the community’s needs and aspirations


Maximize efficiency and broaden community engagement with RenderaTours Time Machine™.

This tool revolutionizes how residents and city planners interact with urban development projects.

From the comfort of their homes, residents can easily explore detailed future city landscapes, significantly enhancing their ability to provide informed feedback.

Simultaneously, city planners can avoid the logistical burdens and high costs associated with traditional, in-person meetings.

This shift not only saves substantial time and resources but also dramatically increases the volume and value of community input, facilitating more responsive urban planning.


Elevate your urban planning with RenderaTours Time Machine™, where AI takes community feedback to new heights of utility.

Our sophisticated AI algorithms analyze vast amounts of input, transforming raw data into actionable insights.

This process not only categorizes feedback for easier interpretation but also identifies key themes and sentiments, providing planners with a clear understanding of public opinion.

With these insights, city planning departments can prioritize initiatives and make data-driven decisions that align more closely with community needs.

Experience how our AI-enhanced tools refine the feedback loop, making it a powerful asset for shaping future urban environments.


Navigate the future effortlessly with RenderaTours Time Machine™, designed with familiarity and ease at its core.

Just like using Google Maps, our interface allows users to explore proposed urban developments with intuitive controls that everyone can understand.

This simplicity ensures that all community members can participate in the planning process without a steep learning curve.

Engage with future city landscapes through a user-friendly platform that makes urban planning accessible to everyone, enhancing participation and enriching feedback.

Our Partner in Silicon Valley

Bob Staedler

Silicon Valley Synergy specializes in tackling complex and challenging projects, fostering consensus, and delivering beneficial outcomes. SVS prides itself on involving all stakeholders throughout the project process, ensuring that everyone feels included and benefits from the final results.

Learn more about Silicon Valley Synergy at

Bob Staedler is a seasoned professional with 27 years of expertise in economic development, government relations, municipal consulting, and real estate.

With a proven track record of success in taking on complex projects and delivering positive outcomes, Bob is known for his ability to bring consensus and resolve even the toughest challenges.

Drawing on his extensive experience working in government, university, and private sector environments, Bob has a deep understanding of the need for results in an ever-changing landscape.

Connect with Bob Staedler at [email protected] or 408-234-4029.

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Explore Time Seamlessly

Navigate through project phases with ease, witnessing urban development from inception to completion.

  • RenderaTours Time Machine
  • RenderaTours Time Machine

Effortless Feedback System

Double-click to instantly leave feedback, simplifying community involvement in urban development.

AI-Driven Insights

AI categorizes feedback, provides heatmaps of interest areas, and integrates data into city planning systems.

Centralized Project Management

Access all active projects from a single dashboard, ensuring streamlined management and consistency.

Insightful Data & Analytics

Explore comprehensive analytics on user demographics, behaviors, and interactions to drive targeted urban planning strategies.

Asked Questions

RenderaTours Time Machine™ prioritizes data privacy by employing robust encryption and advanced security protocols.

All user data, especially demographic information and feedback, are aggregated to ensure anonymity and compliance with strict privacy regulations, keeping individual details confidential and secure.

Our platform is designed to scale seamlessly to accommodate large-scale urban projects and the complex data needs of multiple stakeholders.

It can handle increasing amounts of data without degradation in performance, ensuring reliability throughout the project lifecycle.

The AI in RenderaTours Time Machine™ is designed to help city planners make sense of thousands of feedback entries by categorizing and analyzing large datasets for actionable insights.

However, it’s crucial to note that every single piece of feedback is stored and can be analyzed individually, ensuring that no detail is overlooked and every community voice is heard and valued.

We provide comprehensive support and training for city planning staff, including detailed user manuals, on-site training sessions, and continuous customer support to ensure effective use of our platform.

At Renderator ™, our team includes skilled architects, 3D modelers, and software developers who work together to interpret and visualize even the most complex projects accurately.

This interdisciplinary approach ensures that our application faithfully represents the developer’s vision without compromising on detail or design integrity, providing city planners with reliable and realistic project simulations