Renderator Data & Analytics dashboard

Optimize your knowledge of the market without the help of a data scientist!

Measure every action your users make while exploring your properties.
See what they like and where they spend most of their time

Winner Suite

Compare all of your layouts and see which ones are more popular.


Session Duration

See how much time users spend in your virtual model suites.

Popular rooms

Discover rooms your users like and what's really important to them.

Users Interests

Profiling your users to better understand their interests.

Geo Traffic

Understand where most of your traffic is coming from and sort by City or Region.


Create a target persona based on demographics data captured and improve your marketing

See why the best developers trust Renderator Virtual Model Suites™.

Get to know your market.

Data-based visualization technologies can provide you with new insights and radically different approaches to how luxury real estate is developed, priced, sold and bought in the current market.

The amount of data provided will prepare you and boost your ability to respond to the questions and concerns of your prospects on the spot, as they explore your properties.

This data will help you understand how your physical model suite should look like and where to spend most of your efforts and resources.