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The first lead generation web-app to market your properties.
Up to 85% engagement rate. Up to 10 minutes user/session

One simple URL | No installations or download needed

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On one screen all the information that on average requires users
20 clicks and 5 pages.

What do your users see after clicking on your ads?

The more clicks your visitors need to take mean more friction.

The farther your users are from the information they are looking for, the higher the bounce rate.

STEP 1 | Your buildings directly on their devices

Reach your prospects, wherever, whenever.

SuitesFLow - Virtual Leasing Center™ provides a frictionless experience like none other.
Users can virtually visit and browse your building from ground-up, giving you an edge over the competition.

Expand your market potential exponentially.

STEP 2 | Be easily reachable.

One simple URL that works seamlessly across all devices​

SuitesFlow™ is optimized for every type of device.
On mobile, it works instantly without installing a new application or downloading any files on the users' device.

  • 75% engagement rate
  • More than 5 minutes user/session avg
  • Up to 5% Conversion rate
  • STEP 3 | Smart-Filters for perfect matchings.

    Enhance your selling features with new searching criteria.

    We built an entirely new approach to discovering the right property based on your features.
    Get the highest ROI out of your development.

    The perfect property is only one-click away.

    STEP 4 | Measure and Improve

    Discover actionable information about your users.

    One look at our analytics dashboard will let you know all about the demographics of your target audience, their interests, and the units they visited the most.

    Now you can formulate a strategy that works 100%. ​

    Optimized CTA
    Just One-click for the user - all the info you need to follow-up

    To reduce the friction with your users, SuitesFlow™ automatically gathers all the data of the property they are inquiring about. Provide your sales team the best-qualified leads they have ever seen.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have a Question?

    We are here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours.

    SuitesFlow visual platforms can be embedded anywhere with a single line of code that your IT dept can add to your website in less than a minute. It can be a part of your page or could work as a stand-alone solution.

    We take your existing 3D model, and our modeling experts work on it to prepare it for peak performance within our application. Ready in just five days.

    Leads generate automatically whenever a user shows interest in your building’s properties and inquires through the “Contact Us” button. You will receive a message to your inbox, and all the references like apartment number, layout, time, and lead data will automatically be stored into your dashboard as well.

    Most are ready within five workdays from the moment we receive all the materials, like floor plans, pictures, Rent-roll or property database, and the 3D model (your architect has one handy).

    We collect and compile usage statistics and demographic information by combining several streams of publicly available data. All of the data is submitted anonymously to us in accordance with the law and cannot be used to identify individual users.

    SuitesFlow needs to include all the assets we require at the begging to be completed. If you miss some of the assets, like, for example, the 3D model or the renderings or the floor plans, we at Renderator can create them for you.

    Renderator™ customers can receive SuitesFlow™ without a setup cost with a minimum purchase of 3 Renderatours™ or signing-up SuitesFlow™ 1-year plan/membership.

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