How to use your Samsung phone and your Gear Vr to enjoy web virtual tours.

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Many of our users ask us how they can use their amazing Samsung’s phones to enjoy virtual tours that are not hosted on the Oculus store.

Well, is tricky! As you have noted, as soon as you connect your phone in the Samsung Gear Vr, the system automatically launch the Gear Vr app and your browser disappear.

So, to solve this problem, while we wait Samsung do something about it, we have made this small tutorial for you.

So, please go trough the next steps to be able to enjoy Renderator’s Virtual Tours with your Samsung phones and Gear Vr.

Please note: be sure that in the end of the procedure your phone is well attached to your Gear Vr to avoid accidental falls. We strongly suggest you using the Gear Vr cover in order to protect your phone.

STEP 1: Digit the Url of the tour you want to enjoy it in Virtual Reality.

For example:



STEP 2: Touch the Vr icon (check the picture below)



STEP 3: Just be sure you see this screen before to proceed (if this screen will not appear, please reload the page). Touch the screen again to confirm you want to go VR!


STEP 4: This are nerd’stuff so, please just touch SAVE to proceed. After you saved the parameters be careful to do not touch anymore the screen while you proceed to insert the phone in the headset. If accidentally you back to the initial screen (no split) you have to re-load the page again and perform steps 2 to 4!


STEP 5: Move the connector’s holder in B position (this for S6 and S7).

If you have other phones, just be sure you move the connector holder in the way you can insert your phone without insert the connector. Basically, we are using Gear VR like the cardboards headset, so it’s fundamental you will not connect the phone to the connector to avoid the automatic launch of the Gear Vr app.


STEP 6: Insert the phone in the headset like in the picture below.


STEP 7: Lock your phone on the other end normally.


STEP 8: In the final position should looks like the pictures below. Be sure is safely locked in place.



STEP 9: Place the cover….and you are good to go! While you are using and you are moving your head and your are going trough the tour, your phone shouldn’t go to sleep, if this happen, you have to change the parameters in your display settings.


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